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Allie Pazmino
Allie Pazmino, M.A.
NAPCA Ambassador
Phone: 310.361.8585
Personal Statement:
I am committed to working with you to become A CPCA and start a NAPCA Chapter at your high school, college, or university. Together we can help students receive the guidance they need to kickstart their bright futures!

Our mission is to build a global student movement in thousands of high schools across the world by placing well trained and highly influential high school and college student leaders as Certified Peer College Advisors (CPCAs) to empower their peers to define their life’s purpose/career path, break through their barriers, and prepare to enroll and complete some form of postsecondary education, specifically to be prepared to enter high skilled careers or trades.

Working toward the day where all youth and teens in communities across the U.S. and internationally will have the opportunity to be prepared to successfully enter and complete some form of postsecondary education or career/technical training, specifically to be prepared to enter high skilled careers and/or trades.

Empowering students and parents in communities across the globe to:

  • Explore their future college and career paths,
  • Find their life’s purpose/career path,
  • Recondition their mindset for success,
  • Break through the barriers to academic and career success (i.e., The fear of failure, success, and the unknown including mental, social, emotional, and cultural barriers),
  • Enroll and complete a regionally accredited two- or four-year college degree and/or career and technical training certificate or licensure program, and
  • Walk with hope and purpose while taking ownership of their future education and career goals.

College Readiness: NAPCA students are better prepared for college than non-NAPCA students at specific schools served by NAPCA, surpassing students when it comes to “a-g” coursework and entrance exam completion, four year college eligibility, college enrollment, college persistence, and college completion.

Coursework: NAPCA students are three times more likely to complete the “a-g” courses required for college admission as their non-NAPCA counterparts: 91% compared to 30%.

College Enrollment: 98% of NAPCA students attend college the first year after high school graduation.

College Success: The college persistence rates of NAPCA alumni are equal to or better than their campus counterparts who did not participate in NAPCA.

Programs Available in North Atlantic Region

Peer College Advising Chapter Program

Group of university students studying, reviewing homework in park

NAPCA recruits, trains, and places highly influential high school student leaders across the globe to serve as Certified Peer College Advisors (CPCAs) in their high school through active NAPCA High School Chapters.

In addition, NAPCA recruits, trains, and places highly influential college student leaders across the globe to serve as Certified Peer College Advisors (CPCAs) at high schools and community colleges in their community.

The CPCA® Certification provides the public with the assurance that student leaders with the CPCA designation completed extensive training and are held to the highest ethical and educational standards of peer college advising.

Become A Certified Peer College Advisor (CPCA®)

Students studying together in a library

Certified Peer College Advisors (CPCAs) are high school and college student leaders who are recruited and trained to assist professional school counselors and college counselors. High School and College CPCAs co-lead a college-going team of 20 high school students from all grade levels.

As a CPCA, you will guide each student on your team through the process of developing their 10-year personal strategic plan of action (education & career plan) to guide their efforts to accomplish their education and career goals. Additionally, you will work with each student to ensure they are competitive applicants for admission to their top choice and best-fit postsecondary educational institutions.

In addition, College CPCAs co-lead a four-year university transfer team of 20 community college students and work to ensure that each student complete the steps to successfully transfer to a regionally accredited four-year university.

Start A NAPCA Chapter

Group of students working in computer lab

Founding a chapter of NAPCA is an exciting venture for students who accept the challenge of starting a new organization on campus. There are many benefits in starting a student run organization, including building students leadership skills, communication skills, and gaining valuable experience that is very much like starting a business.

High School and College Chapters are recognized on campus as the student organization for student leaders who are interested in:

High School Chapters & CPCAs 

  • Committed to build and sustain a strong “college-going and career exploration and planning culture” in their high school.
  • Driven to work with high school students to help them become competitive applicants for admission to their top choice and best-fit postsecondary educational institutions.

Community College Chapters & CPCAs

  • Driven to increase the number of  community college students at their campus who will successfully transfer to a four-year university.
  • Committed to work with high school students to help them navigate the path to college and successfully transition from high school to college.  

Four-Year College Chapters & CPCAs

  • Devoted to work with local community college students to help them successfully transfer to a four-year university.
  • Dedicated to work with high school students to help them complete the critical steps to enroll in some form of postsecondary education within one year of their high school graduation. 

CPCA® Training & Certification Program

High School Students With Teacher In Class Using Laptops

NAPCA trains thousands of student leaders each year across the globe to become a Certified Peer College Advisor (CPCA) in their community through classroom and online training. In order to become a CPCA, students are required to attend the CPCA training and certification program, where aspiring CPCAs will complete a total of 100 hours of CPCA classroom training and 40 hours of supervised fieldwork.

In order to complete the 140 hour CPCA training and certification program, NAPCA offers a 3 week summer intensive CPCA training and certification program (June through August) for student leaders aspiring to become a Certified Peer College Advisor.

Upcoming Training Dates:

Session 1:

  • June 14, 2017 – July 1, 2017 (Los Angeles, CA)

Session 2:

  • July 5, 2017 – July 22, 2017 (Los Angeles, CA)

Session 3:

  • July 24, 2017 – August 10, 2017 (Los Angeles, CA)


Currently the organization is made of up of ten regions; each under the supervision of Regional Directors. For more efficient administration, local peer college advising NAPCA Chapters are chartered through regional administration and assigned into one of our ten regions based on geographical location. For more information on a specific region, click the respective link to visit that region’s website.


States Covered: AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, NV, OR, UT, WA

NAPCA Midwest

States Covered: IA, NE, KS, MO (except St. Louis & Cape Girardeau), OK, CO, MT, WY

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States Covered: WI, IL, IN, KY, St. Louis and Cape Girardeau, MO, MN, ND, SD

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States Covered: AR, LA, NM, TX

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States Covered: MA, Eastern NY, Eastern PA, NJ, DE, CT, MD, DC, RI, ME, NH, VT

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States Covered: OH, WV, MI, Western PA, Western NY

NAPCA Mid-Atlantic

States Covered: VA, NC

NAPCA South Atlantic

States Covered: SC, GA, FL

NAPCA Southeast

States Covered: TN, AL, MS

NAPCA International


Countries Covered:  All countries outside of the U.S.A.

Sponsor A Certified Peer College Advisor (CPCA)

Sponsor one or more Certified Peer College Advisors (CPCA) – high school and college student leaders – who make significant public service contributions to their schools and communities. We encourage you to give at least $.50 cents, $1, $3, $5, or $10 for every community service hour completed by each CPCA you sponsor.

Your support will provide a scholarship award to help each CPCA you sponsor pay for a portion of their college expenses. In return for your donation, each CPCA will perform at least 200 hours of community service helping their peers navigate the path to college.

All gifts are tax-deductible. If you have questions or would like to discuss giving options, please contact us.

NAPCA Office of Charitable Donations


Phone: 310-361-8585